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Two Seater Venerable Bench

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To make the bench assemble four pieces of the following dimensions from the cutting list, two pieces 16”x 4”, one piece 10”x4” and one piece 10”x2”:-

Using the thickness of one of the pieces of wood as a guide, assemble the pieces in the way shown. Use a pencil to mark the positions of the pieces:-

hree of these assemblies are required, but the middle section needs a little carpentry to make it fit and a saw and chisel are required to carry out the work:-

Eventually after all these carpentry manipulations you should end up with the following three assemblies:-

If you’re not very good with a chisel then you can do the following alternative assembly for the middle section:-

Join the three assemblies with four cross pieces two pieces, 850 x 50x 25 and two pieces, 850 x 100 x 25:-

Finally secures the slats to the top of the bench with 1½” (32mm) screws. Five pieces 900 x 50 x 25 will complete the job.