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Summer Hideaway

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  At little more than 1.5M square it’s just big enough to sit in comfortably at your work-table to carry out hobbies and DIY on a very small scale, or just a small haven to hideaway enjoy a little solitude and relax, twiddle your thumbs or have a cup of tea.

I’m going to place my shed amongst the bushes at the bottom of the garden because there are plenty of large windows to look through and bird watching becomes one of the great benefits.

You can see them – they can’t see you!

Dimensions can be altered to suit especially if you are diminutive in stature!


Preparing the ground:-

An area of the order 1800mm by 1800mm should be big enough for the shed, so level an area about that size to half a spades depth.

Four concrete footings are required for the shed to rest on!

A home made builders square might be useful in getting the concrete footings square.

Four concrete footings measuring 200mm square and about a depth of 400mm should be more than adequate for supporting the shed baseMark out where the holes needed to be dug- out with a spade to receive the mixed concrete. The sides of the holes will make a rough former for the shed base footings the top three inches will look neat where the wooden former is used. The photo below shows just the top 60mm or so of one of the completed footings.

The Concrete Mix

The concrete is composed of 4 parts gravel 2 parts sharp sand and 1 part cement.

Approximate quantities required for this shed base in 25kg Bags is:-

4 Bags of Gravel

2 Bags of Sharp Sand

1 Bag of Cement

The soil surrounding hides a multitude of sins!

The area around and in between the footings can be filled with gravel to ensure water drains away from the shed base. Completed footings shown below:-

A couple of hefty wooden bearers 100mm x 50mm cross-section 1.5 metres long are required for the shed to sit on:-

Constructing the Side of the Hideaway Without a Window

Some simple joint work on the 50mm x 22mm wood, involving the use of a saw and chisel and some marking out with a combination square and a pencil so that smaller screws can be used. Use butt joints if preferred but larger screws for fixing will be required.

The joints are about half the width of the batten these tend to vary in size depending where the wood is purchased from. (46mm – 50mm)

Butt joints could be used to make things easier though the screws required to make a strong joint would be very large 100mm in length.

Constructing the Side of the Hideaway with the Window

The Hideaway has a nice big window to look through (~ 1000mm x 820mm) so this is going to take up about half the front-side of the shed. The final size of the glass for this will be determined when the construction is finished.