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Large Planter

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Wooden  Planter

 When my local council abandoned the green recycling tubs in favour of large recycling bins they left it up to the individual householder what they did with the unwanted bin.

I decided to clad the bin with some (100mm x 25mm) treated timber and make a very large garden planter, the cladding I hoped would make the recycling bin look more presentable. The bin makes an ideal liner to protect the wood from rotting when compost is added.

The adjacent picture represents what my recycling bin looked like before the cladding was added – not exactly picturesque!


First thing to do is to drill some drainage holes in the bottom of the bin perhaps one in each corner and a couple in the middle. I drilled them out using a half-inch (12 mm) diameter drill bit.

The cladding needs to be screwed to some (50mm x 25mm cross-section) batons and fixed by screwing from inside of the box.

The bottom end of the box needs to be packed out further to make the cladding fit at right-angles to the top perimeter of the box. This is a bit of trial and error with wooden packing pieces to achieve this. There should be enough of the wood left-over from making the batons from the two 2.4 metre lengths of treated wood, to make a couple or runners to fit underneath the planter and allow for good drainage of any water. See picture below:-

Cut twenty pieces of wood 100mm x 25mm x 380mm of wood and attach them all around the recycling box:-

After fixing all the cladding and runners along the bottom or casters the planter should look something like this:-

The remaining wood is used to make a mitred framework that hides the edge of the cladding.

The mitred framework is attached as symmetrically as possible as shown:-

A few coats of water based wood preserver (forest green) finishes the whole planter nicely:-


3 pieces of 3.5 metre x 100mm x 25mm pressure treated wood

2 pieces of 2.4 metre x 50mm x 25mm pressure treated wood

Cutting List for the framework battons.

Miscellaneous Items


Water based wood preservative (Forest Green)

Paint brush


Handsaw fine cut

Carpenter’s Square

Mitre Box or Mitre Square

Portable drill and bits (12mm and 3mm)

Cross-point Screwdriver

Steel Rule