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A Veritable Almanac!

   Born 8th August 1876 was the most prolific author who ever lived with an estimated output of 72,000,000 words. Mainly his writings were in the Magnet and Gem two boys school story papers from 1908 till the end of their publication in 1940. 

He continued to write 38 books after this with his most famous incorrigible character creation Billy Bunter. The format of the books was substantially different to the Magnet, the accent was put on Billy Bunter rather than Harry Wharton.

His writings continued up until his death on Christmas Eve 1961.



There was a total of 1683 issues, most of these were published in facsimile form see:-

  (Howard Baker Magnet Facsimiles)

    It must be mentioned that Frank Richards didn't write every Magnet issue, due to various reasons substitute writers were employed to provide stories when Frank Richards copy was not available.

Of the 1683 magnet stories the genuine Frank Richards wrote approximately 1360!


Another character created by Frank Richards and very popular with some  readers who like  Frank Richards' stories.

Short Stories about Jack can be found in Billy Bunter's Own and Tom Merry Annuals, two are presented here, read by Paul Millward.

Jack Audio Files

1. One Good Turn - read by Paul Millward

2. Jack and Jill - read by Paul Millward

3. Circus Luck

Read or download the original stories for yourself

1. One Good Turn

2. Jack and Jill

3. Circus Luck

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