Flame Flicker Circuit


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Flame Flicker Simulation Circuit

The flame flicker circuit is useful for model makers who want to simulate a camp fire or brazier. I used this circuit to simulate a hurricane lamp flame. It was used in an amateur dramatics production, where a real hurricane lamp would have posed a health and safety problem.

How it Works

Two astable multivibrators oscillating at different frequencies pulse the high intensity LED in a random fashion the 330 ohm resistor ensures there is some illumination at all times.

Practical Layout

The resistor values were changed to suit the components I had to hand at the time shown below and I utilised a Canon camcorder battery at 7.2 volts because it was small enough to fit in an old fashioned hurricane lamp and powerful enough to last long enough for an amateur dramatic performance.

The circuit should be tolerant to a fairly wide spread in voltage supply, 7-12 volts.




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Flame Flicker

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